Newsletter about drive technology in factory automation

Saftey upgrade on drive solutions

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Flexibility, functionality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the key requirements for a modern drive system. For machines that no longer meet these key requirements, an upgrade at component level can already provide a solution. Modern drive controllers offer the possibility of combining different motor types with the required safety functions and if necessary operate even without encoder feedback. If for example, the existing motors on the plant should continue to be used, but safety, flexibility and productivity are to be increased. An inverter, which supports third-party motors and offers encoderless safety functions, can be very useful here. A diverse range of real-time communications, drive-integrated safety functions and different cooling concepts offer the necessary flexibility and allow individual adaptations.

If you like to get the details just let us know. We are happy to share all the different options available. As this is a very wide field of options we are happy to share in person, to cover your actual need.