KEB - Automation with Drive

Mechanical and electronic solutions for modern drive and automation concepts. The current product portfolio of KEB, is based on the continuous development of technical innovations, reflected with costumer requirements and user experience.

No matter on the requirements, from drives to motors to safety components, everything included. The seamless concept offers standards, connectivity, communication and far-reaching flexibility through open solutions.

Due to the broad focus on different industries in mechanical and system engineering, precise insights into market trends and customer needs are the innovation drivers. In this context, drive solutions form a continuous basis of the product range. The software and hardware developed for this purpose is optimally prepared for the system and linked with a powerful engineering tool.

Drive technology keeps the world go round. Particularly in the areas of sustainability, energy efficiency, industrial and functional safety, i.e. in important areas of our daily lives, the requirements are constantly changing. Machines take over important tasks, for example in vehicles or plants and at their very core are the motors.

Tailor-made drive solutions increase the reliability and efficiency of production as well as the productivity of machines. In mechanical engineering in the printing, packaging and processing industries as well as in numerous other sectors. Optimized drives can improve quality and accuracy. They also enhance operator safety, ensure greater sustainability and reduce waste.

It's the drive that counts – in numerous industries and across all production levels. Tailor-made drive technology increases the benefit of a wide range of medical devices. It makes elevators safer and more reliable, optimizes inventory management, makes heavy equipment more maneuverable and contributes to clean, cost-effective and renewable energy solutions. Drive technology is at the center of life. And that is why it is Kollmorgen's destination.

Sybera offers optimal solutions for the development of industrial applications - with real-time software based on X-Realtime technology for Windows operating systems. In addition, Sybera offers real-time libraries for control such as the simulation of field bus systems (EtherCAT, ProfiNET, Sercos III, Ethernet/IP and GigE Vision).

Development at Sybera is not only focused on the function of the individual product. It rather has the overall solution as its objective at all times. Thus the individual products thus form optimally coordinated units.

The training center with its modern training rooms offers developer workshops on the topics of kernel software, real-time and industrial automation. The range of training courses, both internal and external, covers all areas of system software development, from Windows driver development, real-time control, fieldbus communication to the integration of Windows Embedded.