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With the AKD2G a single or dual axis device with extended in/outputs, two-channel STO, SD card and graphical display. This hardware has now been extended with a Profinet version. Special attention was paid to the integration into the Profinet world, besides the time synchronous IRT, the ProfiDrive profile was implemented with the corresponding signals.

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Precision Linearactuator

Ball screw

The proven design of the precision linear actuators is used in thousands of applications worldwide. The electric actuators are designed to deliver peak performance while saving time and money through easy size selection, fast and reliable installation, and reduced maintenance. The precision-rolled ball screws feature smooth motion, accurate positioning and quiet operation. The sliding guide bushings and rugged external design allow use in the most demanding conditions. Reliability combines with performance and ease of use with a wide selection of options, accessories and plug-and-play mounting solutions.

Linear Motor


A Direct Drive Linear motor is a rotary motor that is laid out flat and directly coupled to the driven load. By eliminating mechanical transmission components, this design delivers exceptional dynamic, stiffness, positional accuracy, and throughput. Four different coil length with up to seven width and the option to go standard, flat or water cooled give plenty of option for exact match making. Linear motors enable compact mechanical assembly, quiet operation for smooth apllication specific motion.

Direct Drive


With the KBM we have a motor kit for mechanical engineering. The stator as well as the rotor can be individually selected in terms of size and directly installed in the application. 14 different diameters with up to five different lengths are available as standard. Thus the motor can be installed where it is needed. Additional couplings and mechanical power transmissions are no longer necessary.



The AKM motor has already been a great success. Based on this, a new, more powerful generation has now been developed. The motor winding technology and thus the torque density, measured on the flange size, has been adapted. Just like the construction of the housing. The AKM2G is particularly suitable for applications with high demands on dynamics, when thermal influences should be avoided or when space is limited. Due to the new winding technology, designs optimized for applications in the 24-48VDC range are increasingly in focus.

AC Gear Motors

Combigear F, K, G/ZG, S

The flat gear motors ensure optimum connection with the machine, with a compact design and easy assembly by direct application. The bevel gear motors have rigid-mounted shaft or hollow shaft to absorb radial forces on output and ensure reliable transmission of power into the machine, including under alternating stress in timing and reversing systems, with rated torque up to 15,000 Nm. The spur gear motors are available with AC motors directly attached in flange, foot or combined flange/foot mounted designs. Ultra-fine speed ratio range to minimum 1.2 rpm enables optimum adaptation of torque and speed on output. Life-time lubrication, high overload and low torsional backlash ensure a long service life. In the lower performance range, worm gear motors with a high efficiency and economy level are the "best standard drive" in comparison to pure worm-gears. Life-time lubrication universal add-on design and the option of versions with shaft, hollow shaft and flange, make this a perfect fit.

Stainless Steel Servo Motor


This new AKM motor has been specially developed for the food industry. It is packed in a stainless steel round housing with roughness < 0.8 μm. All edges are designed with radii R1.5 to prevent any dirt deposits or to optimize hygiene. The AKMH is developed according to the hygiene standards of EHEDG and 3A, with seals and lubricants according to FDA standards. Designed in IP69K, this motor can be washed directly with up to 100 bar.

Servo Controller


The AKD Servodrive is a standard servo controller for single axis as well as fieldbus applications. The AKD has a current controller with 0.67 µs and a firmware cycle time of 62.5 µs. This makes it the perfect controller, even for very dynamic applications. It can be used for currents from 3A to 48A and with two voltage classes for up to 240V or 240 to 480V.The standard version is compatible for applications with digital or analog control, EtherCat, CanOpen or ModbusTCP as well as with special versions for ProfinetRT or EthernetIP. The AKD family is also available in a decentralized version as AKD-C/N or in rack design as MKD.


With the AKD2G the successful AKD servo controller is already followed by the next generation. It is available as a single or dual axis device with extended inputs/outputs, two-channel STO, SD card memory and graphic display. Following the AKD, the connectors and the single cable adapter have been further improved, the CPU has been upgraded to an ARM A9 double core and an even more open configuration is possible. With the second release it will also be possible to configure advanced security functions such as SBC, SBT, SS1, SS2, SLS etc. directly on the controller. For the easiest possible implementation of safety up to SIL3.


The COMBIVERT S6 is a modern, compact, flexible servo-amplifier for performance levels from 0.75kW to 7.5kW or electrical currents from 2.6A to 12.5A. Handles control for either asynchronous AC motors or synchronous servo-drives. The S6 also offers a communications and safety feature designed to suit your application, to meet the demands of modern drive controllers.

Application Drive – COMBIVERT F6

Applicable for different motor technologies and functionally prepared for the drive tasks, COMBIVERT F6 drive controllers support the implementation of new machine concepts with extended requirements for performance and integrated safety. This for a power range from 2.2 kW to 450 kW with real-time communication.

Real-time with Windows

X-Realtime Engine

X-Realtime is a real-time extension for Windows that combines many advantages: It allows you to use individual processors as a PLC system in real-time. Moreover it can even be completely decoupled from Windows which is a completely new dimension. The highly precise jitter behavior (< 3 µsec) enables the realization of deterministic controller and automation applications. C libraries for EtherCat, Profinet, EthernetIP or GigEVision are available for the development of industrial applications. This enables the control and simulation of automation hardware in real time.

Real-time Automation with Windows

The real-time extension SHA Windows is one of the latest developments from Sybera. Through this, we are entering a new level of ability to use individual processors as PLC systems in real time, completely decoupled from Windows. A precise jitter behavior (< 3µsec) enables deterministic controller and automation applications. Each processor core can be operated as an independent task cluster (PDF) with real-time scheduling, as timer (SingleShot) or in periodic operation. For example, the parallel operation of several fieldbus systems, redundant Ethernet topologies or independent drive controllers can be guaranteed.



NDC8 (in consultation with the appropriate partner) The Kollmorgen NDC8 platform offers the entire spectrum of possibilities for implementing AGV projects (Automated Guided Vehicles–Driverless Transport Systems), from vehicle programming, navigation, PLC, fleet management, order management, motion control via system programming to host and ERP/WMS connection. Kollmorgen operates this software package. Oxni GmbH is not a direct partner of Kollmorgen, but collaborates with them.